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Euphorically Sexual Writing

show us your passion

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euphoria: n. A feeling of great happiness or well-being -- euphoric

This community is created for the expression of euphoria - through sexual and erotic fantasies. While there are many livejournals devoted to the writing of sexual conquests, fantasies and dreams, there seems to be a lack of a community designed, implented and successful in the recording of sexual and erotic fantasies. Let this be a trial, to see if it is successful.

To join, you must have a birth date listed in your livejournal userinfo. The moderater, euphoric_touch will check to see if it is listed and add you to the community. If you have any questions, please direct them to the moderator.

- Be respectful
- No non-consensual literature
- No flaming of other members
- Long posts must go under an lj-cut. (Don't know how? Email the mod or look in the livejournal FAQ's.)
- No promotions for other communities
- Make all entries friends-only

If you have any questions, email euphoric_touch at euphoric.touch@gmail.com.
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